Kingsley Chequer (Gunmetal Fountain Pen)


I bought this pen in London. A very nice looking pen. I didn’t even know this brand exists till I bought it.

The Packaging

This pen comes in a gift box. I bought a set of a ballpoint and a fountain pen because I got it cheaper than a single fountain pen.

Set of Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Pen

The Body

The variant I happened to choose was the gunmetal one. I like the body of this pen. Gunmetal color with engraved grid on the barrel. It looks perfect.

Clip & Pocket Looks

The clip is fairly hard but it looks nice in a shirt pocket. As to the finial, there’s nothing but a reflective metal as you can see in the picture.

Pocket Looks

The Cap

Cap is snap fit. The sound of that snap is very loud and secured.

Filling Mechanism

This is a cartridge converter pen with standard international cartridges. The box comes with a cartridge but without a converter.

Filling Mechanism

Writing Experience

This pen came with an iridium point medium nib. My experience with this pen was pathetic. As you can see in the image, it feathers a lot, almost on ask the papers I tried. I have tried fixing it but couldn’t fix it to my satisfaction.

The Nib
Writing Sample
Writing Sample

Posting makes this pen a little top heavy but not too much.



I bought a set of this pen and a ball pen for £37.50 (₹3700 approx). Strange thing is, it was available as a single product for £49.99. There must have been some promotion at that time. Because as i still check the price while writing this review, it costs you £49.99 for the fountain pen and £25 for the ball pen.

General Info & Measurements

Locking Mechanism: Snap fit
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter
Posted: 14.2 cm
Capped: 13.4 cm
Uncapped: 11.8 cm
Capped Weight (Uninked): 28.3g
Uncapped Weight (Uninked): 16.5g

My Ratings (after I worked a lot on the nib)

Nib: 3/10
Looks: 7.5/10
Pocket Looks: 8/10
Writing Experience: 4/10
Wetness: 6/10
Scratchiness: 5/10
Cost: 7/10

Overall Rating:

Do let me know how you like the review.

Disclaimer: This review is all about my personal views about a product especially the one I have used (for this review). You may come across a same model which you might find better or worse.