Now this is one of the oldest pens I have in my fountain pen collection. When you are at a initial stage of your fountain pen obsession, Parker is the brand you end up having 90% of times.

The Packaging

This pen comes in a regular cardboard box provided with most of the Parker pens. Nothing fancy here. But I have also seen a same product in a different tin box packaging.



The Body

The variant I happened to choose was the chrome one. I like the body of this pen. There is noothing going much with it. Simple yet works best.




Clip & Pocket Looks

When you carry a Parker in your pocket, everyone around knows what brand you are carrying (if they are into FP world). That’s because of the clip of the pen. Parker’s trademark arrow clip. Works great. Spring loaded. Looks awesome.

The Finial
Pocket Looks


The Cap

Cap is friction fit. Not anything more with that.

Filling Mechanism

This is a cartridge converter pen with standard international cartridges. The box comes with a cartridge and Parker converter.

Cartridge Converter

Writing Experience

I don’t know about the current league of Parker Frontiers, but this particular pen I have is too scratchy. I had to work a lot on this pen over last 6 years. Had to tune the nib to suit my writing style. Overall, not a very good experience.


Posting makes this pen too long (15.2 CM) but not top heavy indeed. I don’t find any difference in writing experience whether you post it or not.



This pen costs you around ₹600 in India and I saw it on Amazon US for $9.

General Info

Locking Mechanism: Friction fit

Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter

Posted: 15.2 cm

Capped: 13.2 cm

Uncapped: 12.3 cm

My Ratings

Nib: 4/10

Looks: 6/10

Pocket Looks: 7/10

Writing Experience: 4/10

Wetness: 3/10

Scratchiness: 1/10

Cost: 9/10

Overall Rating: 4/10