I have been using this pen for more than three years now. It was gifted to me by my wife on my birthday. It gets very simple if she wants to gift me something. She knows it has to be a fountain pen and I’m the one who chooses the specifics. And Sheaffer, being a more than 100 year old company makes some awesome writing instruments.

The Packaging

This pen comes in a regular cardboard box provided with most of the Sheaffer pens. It’s a simple cardboard box. Nothing to talk more about. I have 3-4 Sheaffer pens and all have the same box.

The Body

I am biased towards all metal and heavy pens. Which kind of brings some attitude to it if I am the one who’s judging it. This pen looks simple but classy. Not a very good looking pen but being an all metal I like the looks of it.

The Nib

I remember when I started using fountain pens, I used to like only fine nibs. Eventually I changed that and developed my taste to open for all types of nibs.

This particular nib is medium and this pen works well. Not great but good enough. A simple nib with SHEAFFER written on it and has a feed which looks a lot bulky. I don’t know whether you can see that here in the image.


Finial, Clip, Pocket Looks

Top of the pen is clear and you can use it as a circular mirror :/ with 1 cm diameter. Nothing much going on with it.

The clip tapers down and also has a Sheaffer white dot as (almost) every Sheaffer pen has it. You can easily guess the brand even if it is pocketed. The clip is spring loaded and pretty useful.

Pocket Looks



This particular pen is not for you if you are a poster of a pen. Posting makes it too top heavy and makes writing almost impossible if you ask me.

The Cap

A good heavy cap which is screw fit (which I prefer against friction fit) works perfectly with the metal threads.

Filling Mechanism

This is a cartridge converter pen. The box includes a cartridge converter and a blue Sheaffer cartridge.


This pen costs you around ₹3800 in India and I saw it on Amazon US for $35. That’s almost 38% cheaper if you buy it from Uncle Sam. Many variants available even more than the image below.

Variants Available

General Info

Locking Mechanism: Screw fit

Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter

My Ratings

Nib: 7/10

Looks: 7/10

Pocket Looks: 6/10

Writing Experience: 7/10

Wetness: 5/10

Scratchiness: 7/10

Cost: 7/10

Overall Rating: 6.5/10