Pelikan P40 Pura (Black / Chrome)


I am using this pen for more than a month now. I borrowed this black/ chrome variant of the fountain pen from a friend of mine and will return after I complete this review.

The Packaging

This pen comes in an attractive box with a cardboard sleeve. The box also includes a fake leather pouch which is kind of good if you want to carry a pen or two.



The Nib

As all Pelikan pens, this pen is also a pleasant writer. I like metal pens, heavier the better. As you can see in the images, this is a all metal pen. Pleasant to hold and has a medium folded nib.

Medium Folded Nib

Finial & pocket looks

Top of the pen or finial has a Pelikan logo emblemed on it which looks classy in pocket.

The finial
Pocket look 1
Pocket look 2



The clip of the pen is very good. Nice and springy.


This pen can be securely posted (snap). Posting makes it a bit top heavy though. I’m not a poster of a pen, but if you prefer posted writing, this is a good pen to have.

Posted length 15.5cm

General Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the pen is amazing. I am always amazed when the chrome line (shown in above image) lines up with the nib. You don’t have to put any extra efforts to do that. The threads of the pen are designed to do so. But it is what is expected from a premium pen of this range.

Filling mechanism

The pen does not come with a cartridge converter which is a pity for such an expensive pen. You can buy one for USD 6-7.

Cartridge converter type



A cartridge converter pen which is bit of a set back for a ₹9000 pen. It’s a bit (lot) on costlier side in Indian currency. You would get a good piston filler at this cost if you want. I found it for $97 on which when converted to Indian currency comes to ₹6500 (approx.). Almost 28% cheaper. I wouldn’t buy this pen for ₹9000 but if I’m getting it for $97, I might give it a thought.

2 more colors available:

Writing experience and Dimensions

General Info

Locking Mechanism: Snap Cap

Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter

My Ratings

Nib: 6/10

Looks: 6/10

Pocket Looks: 7/10

Writing Experience: 7/10

Wetness: 4/10

Scratchyness: 5/10

Cost: 3/10

Overall Rating: 4.5/10